Frequently Asked Questions
What are your minimums?
Our production minimum for the Collection is 8 rolls or between 400 and 600 yards depending on the standard yards per piece.

The minimum for the Reenacting fabrics is 15 yards per color (double folded on a bolt).

Fiber Art Fabrics are put up on 5 yard and 15 yard bolts. The total minimum is 15 yards (can purchase 3 -5 yard bolts to meet the minimum).
Can I buy less than the minimum?
For styles on the Collection Webpage, we will accept less than the 8 rolls minimum of between 400 to 600 yards (4 to 7 rolls) for an upcharge of $3.00 per yard over the standard wholesale price.

Reenactment and Fiber Art Fabrics are also sold in our Outlet Store. Call the Store at 570-769-7401. They will ship your purchase via UPS to your location.
Is everything on the website in stock?
We try to stock enough fabric in the Collection so that you may purchase enough for a sample garment. Otherwise, a sample piece will have to be manufactured. Our lead time is 6 to 8 weeks to manufacture a sample piece.

The Reenactment and Fiber Art fabrics are in-stock programs.
How do I set up an account?
You may apply for terms through our Credit Department by filling out and returning our standard credit application. Click here to download the application.

Most customers in the Reenactment and Fiber Art business prefer to use their credit card.
Do you sell Mill Ends?
Most of our Mill Ends are either transferred to our Outlet Store or garneted back to fiber for our Blanket programs.
Where are your fabrics made?
We are a vertical woolen system manufacturing operation. We buy mostly scoured domestic wool, make our own yarn, and weave and finishing all our fabrics in our woolen mill in Woolrich, Pennsylvania USA.
Can I get samples?
Fabric swatches are available for the in-stock programs in Fiber Art and Reenacting. You will need to send us your complete mailing address.

All other requests for fabric are handled on a case-by-case basis.
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